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Website redesign with new menu styles.

Welcome to my repository of my odd and varied hobbies. Navigation uses the topical menus to your left.

I'll be working on a 4e D&D campaign setting, "Under the Sundered Moon," and eventually looking to run it over OpenRPG. Campaign notes and any applicable OpenRPG/Traipse tips and notes will be updated under the Tabletop RPGs section.

I'll be adding reviews for Japanese and Chinese shows and manga, but with a twist on the usual reviews; my aim is for the Japanese/Chinese as a second language students. After reviewing and finding good shows, expect study materials (vocab lists, cultural notes, etc.) to be posted for the better shows.

I still haven't decided how to set up the galleries, but they'll be back up eventually.

There will probably also be several web redesigns in the future as I try out different navigation types or try out different web features (oh, the excitement...).