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Website redesign with new menu styles.

I'm currently working towards a BS in computer science as a part-time student while holding a full-time (and then some) job. Challenges right now are completing a bunch of math CLEPs to knock out a bunch of time-eating prerequisites. I should probably just jump to the pre-calculus, but I want to work up on algebra first to make sure I have a good foundation and that I feel more prepped for it.

Personal projects are as follows:
Try out more fun designs with my website.
Learn more about web-related languages.
Write up D&D campaign "Under a Sundered Moon." (Possible retitle: "Wyrded Moon.")
Trial run some 4e under OpenRPG or Traipse.
Learn Python.
Work on "Explorer" (working title), a classic Myst-style adventure game.
Continue work on cubic panoramas, a side project related to "Explorer."
Create and collect a variety of Chinese language resources aimed at improving and maintaining fluency.
Work more with 3D art.
Catch up on my backlog of about 30 novels in my "to read" pile.
Catch up on my backlog of about 40 movies in my "to watch" pile.
Massively upgrade my main tower and cannibalize the parts for the other PCs in the house.
Make a time machine and become immortal so I actually have time to do all of this stuff.