ryuuyasha - The Cubic Panorama Project

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I was immediately fascinated and inspired when I ran across a link to AdventureMaker, a wonderful program that can be used to create games. What really grabbed my attention with it was the ability to create Myst-alike game with cubic panoramas. However, I discovered that specific guidance for creating cubic Panoramas in 3D programs was rather spotty and hard to find. I got sidetracked into QTVR versions while I was running tests on how to make the cubic panos work in the different 3D programs I already owned. Check the menu at the left to view the specific settings and difficulties with each 3D program I tried out.

For quick reference on setting labels I used on the platform-specific pages, please refer to the following labeled graphic:

So far, my conclusions for the Panorama project:

Poser - no problem, you are ready to rock and roll out of the box.
Vue - no problem, ready to rock and roll, just don't use any optimizers!
Carrara - you may want to go ahead and shell out $49 for CubicConverter.
DS - ...I foresee many hours with PhotoShop in your future.