ryuuyasha - The Panorama Project: Poser Settings are Easy Street

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Software used:
Poser Pro 2010
Cubic Panorama Image Combiner
MakeCubic (for QTVR examples only)

Project created and rendered on MacOSX.

Poser 12.7mm Dolly Camera
Cube Face Pitch Yaw
H-1 0 90
H-2 0 0
H-3 0 270
H-4 0 180
Top 90 0
Bottom 270 0

Overall, I found Poser's natural settings for creating the six sides of the cube necessary for a cubic pano to be the easiest. It took a little bit of futzing with things to figure out it should be 12.7mm, but as soon as that was done, it was incredibly smooth.

QTVR made from the RabbitHole, with the default light set that came with it applied. Render was very quick and smooth.