ryuuyasha - The Panorama Project: Vue Settings, simple with a short caveat

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Software used:
Vue 8 (64bit) [All mods EXCEPT AdvancedGraph and Zephyr]
Cubic Panorama Image Combiner
MakeCubic (for QTVR examples only)

Project created/rendered on WinVista

Vue was actually the first 3D SW I tried in the Cubic Panorama project. I was able to find some good starting guidance on a forum, giving me the correct focal length to use, but incorrectly stating that the Pitch and Roll were the camera settings that needed to be adjusted. Under File -> Options -> Display Options, you can select to display by Field of View (FoV) rather than the focal length in mm. If you switch this, your FoV should be set to 90 degrees. Make sure your render dimensions are set to Square (1:1) and you're ready to go. Make sure you UNCHECK the "optimize render" feature in Render Options. (see below for more info)

Vue 90-FOV (18mm) Camera
Cube Faces Pitch Yaw
H-1 90 90
H-2 90 0
H-3 90 270
H-4 90 180
Top 0 0
Bottom 180 0

For the Vue test, I experimented with infinite terrains and some default sky. It was all made very, very quickly. The flaw with the renders is that they render with radically different lighting. No, I don't mean the sun position varies, I mean the amount of light in each separate render. It really makes the cube faces apparent.

It was suggested on the Dreamlight forums that the "Optimize Render" feature might be causing the color shift between faces. You can see the difference below, as the faces are now seamless! The renders work in AdventureMaker right after running them through the Image combiner.